Our Customer Stories

Snickers: You’re Not You when You’re Hungry

Crocodile were brought in to consult on a recent Snickers campaign. Targeting a UK millennial audience, we were appointed because of our affinity with the demographic.


Because it was the first time Snickers had experimented with programmatic advertising on Youtube, the company decided on the Crowd Sourcing model and engaged with over 80 film makers in the hope of finding 3 crews to make 6 films. Our job was to go through each of the video pitches and whittle them down to our favourite 8, from which Mars would choose their top 3 to work on the campaign.


We submitted our report, Mars appointed their 3 film makers and production commenced. Unfortunately, the results were far from ideal. None of the films were considered worthy of distribution, falling well short of the ideas presented at pitch both in terms of story and production value.


Impressed by our consultancy, Mars turned to us to develop the campaign. Within one month, we had written and produced all 6 films.


Campaign Vital Statistics

  • Scripts and storyboards developed and approved in 6 days
  • Filming completed in 2 days
  • Final edit completed and approved in 10 days
  • Over 2,100,000 combined views on YouTube
  • An average retention rate of 29 seconds for 5 second skip-able YouTube adverts





Hownd: When Harry Met Hero

HOWND is a leading producer of cruelty free dog grooming products, with ambitious growth plans. The owners were looking to produce a film that could communicate the brand’s ethos and values in a way that would connect with dog lovers.


They wanted something that had the potential to go viral and understood that rather than their product, a good story would need to take centre stage. They’d engaged with some prominent producers of pet films but none felt like the right fit. Either the vision for the creative was wrong or they lacked the desired passion and momentum.


A chance meeting with Toby led them to Crocodile. They were instantly blown away by their understanding of social media and collective vision for the film.


“I came with the story I wanted to tell but it was Toby who was able to visualise it and bring it to life. He knew exactly what the film would look like and from what angle it should be shot,” said Jo Amit, Co-Owner, HOWND.


In addition to producing the film, Crocodile also took the lead in crafting the organic distribution strategy, which has resulted in millions of views.


“For us, the film is an extremely powerful tool. Not only do people get who we are and want we do so much quicker but it has also armed us with a clear understanding of our core audience demographic. We can now hone our message to ensure that all our marketing makes a big impact.”


Campaign Vital Statistics

  • Scripts and storyboards developed and approved in 7 days
  • Filming completed in 3 days
  • Final edit completed and approved in 10 days


Within 4 weeks of release

  • Over 4,800,000 combined views
  • More views and engagement on Facebook than the Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2016
  • Over 10,000 additional followers on Facebook